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Welcome to My 2nd Grade Classroom

Hello! My name is Mrs. Roberts! I have been teaching for 9 years and I am ready for year 3 at Shady Brook. Let's have a wonderful school year! Go Bulldogs!

College(s) Attended/Degrees Earned:

Pfeiffer University- Bachelor's Degree and Master's of Elementary Education

As a Shady Brook staff member, I am committed to work together and do whatever it takes to assure that all children learn.

This is what we're doing this month: October

ELA: During our Daily 5 time, we are introducing Non-fiction text features and their purpose. Next, we will move on to story structure (beginning, middle, and end in a story). 

Math: We are currently focused on building numbers using base ten blocks. We are using this strategy to solve addition and subtraction problems to 100. Students need to be able to explain their reasoning for how they solved each problem. I am encouraging them to talk out how they solve their problem and show their work. We are also still working on those addition and subtraction fluency skills to 20 to strengthen our computations. 

Science: Our first unit is matter. We will look at the three states of matter (solids, liquids, and gases) and how they can change. This is a fun way to begin the year with several hands on experiments. 

Social Studies: 

Things Parents/Guardians can do to help:

*Please make sure your students is at school and on time. We miss them when they aren't here!
*Be mindful of our Blue Bulldog folders that will always be sent home on Thursday's. There will always be important papers in there for parents to look at. 
*Agenda are available for purchase in the front office. Agendas and Classdojo are the most effective ways of communication between school and home. 

Helpful Websites:
ABCya website
Kannapolis City Schools homepage- Shady Brook page- 2nd grade symbaloo